A sweet success: how a 3-week placement led to a job offer for one Creative Advertising student

01 July 2024

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Securing a work experience placement in today's competitive job market requires creativity and a proactive approach. One student's journey to landing an opportunity with SoSweet, a brand renowned for its vibrant and engaging social media presence, is a truly sweet story indeed.  

We spoke to Creative Advertising BA student, Ellianna Braddick, about her time at SoSweet and what advice she has for other students. 

So, how did you secure your work experience with SoSweet? 

Landing my work experience with SoSweet was an adventure. I decided to take a bold approach by calling the owner directly instead of risking my email getting lost in their inbox as I know business get bombarded by emails every day. With over a million followers on their social platforms, I knew I had to stand out. The call led to me connecting with Sophie via email, and after a few weeks of productive exchanges, I secured a three-week placement with them.  

What sort of cool things have you had the opportunity to work on? 

At SoSweet, I've been creating TikTok content featuring their delicious and colourful sweets. It’s been an excellent opportunity to develop fun, engaging videos for their campaigns. Every day brings new challenges and learning experiences about social media trends and content creation. 

What have been your favourite aspects of working with SoSweet? 

My favourite aspect of working with SoSweet is the creative freedom. They trust me to bring my ideas to life, and it's incredibly rewarding to see my videos gaining traction. The team is supportive and collaborative, making it a great environment to work in. 

How prepared were you for the role? 

My time at Falmouth has been invaluable in preparing me for this role. The modules on digital marketing and social media strategies taught me how to present my ideas effectively and create compelling campaigns. Previous work managing social media for restaurants and content creation has also been incredibly beneficial. These experiences allowed me to put my knowledge into practice and contribute meaningfully from day one. 

What tips would you give to other students? 

Be proactive: Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Reach out directly to companies and make your interest known. Bold moves like calling the owner can set you apart. 

Network: Build relationships with industry professionals. Even a single connection can open doors to multiple opportunities. 

Gain diverse experience: Apply to various internships, even if they seem small. Every bit of experience counts and adds to your skill set. 

Showcase your work: Make sure your work is visible. Use platforms like LinkedIn to share your achievements and projects. 

Local opportunities: Consider local internships. They can be more accessible and offer valuable experiences that enhance your CV. 

Persistence: Keep applying and don’t get discouraged by rejections. It only takes one yes to start your journey. 

By following these steps, you can maximise your chances of securing rewarding work experiences and building a strong foundation for your career. 


The student's bold approach and determination not only secured a placement at SoSweet but also led to an unexpected job offer at the end of the internship—truly the icing on the cake. Congratulations Ellianna! 

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