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Game Development graduates from the Games Academy have won the opportunity to take part in the Tranzfuser programme, securing a £5,000 grant to develop their first game RoBoats.

The UK Games Fund set up the Tranzfuser programme to develop the talent of university graduates seeking to make their mark on the games industry, by setting up their own companies and producing their own video games.

Eighteen graduate teams from institutions across the country will be working on their projects, in preparation for the prestigious industry trade fair EGX 2018. The companies will pitch at the Eurogamer Expo in the hope of procuring a further £25,000.

Team Leader of Falmouth's company Animal Puree and Game Development graduate, Troy Atkinson, stated: "We are all so incredibly excited to be able to create something like this!

"We focused our third year on developing a marketable game with the intention of setting up a company, and it's amazing to do so with the right people, the right project and a load of support. Being accepted into Tranzfuser has confirmed that we made the right choice."

RoBoats is a co-op game in which 12 players attempt to sink the opposition's ships, with each player taking on the role of Captain or Gunner. The game employs a unique use of technology alongside its engaging mechanics. Instead of the standard controller, players take control of their half of the ship using their mobile device and tablets.

The game won the team their first accolade in March, the Supermassive Games Award 2018, awarded for its unique concept and commercial viability. Each member of Animal Puree specialises in their own field such as writing, animation, programming and art.

Troy credits the Game Development course for fostering an environment in which students can discover how best they fit into the demanding games industry. Troy explained: "The Games Academy provides a fantastic amount of support to our ongoing game projects, from around the clock studio space to designated lecturers who guide and push your team through development, while also not interfering with the creative process.

"Alongside the development projects, the lecturers at the Games Academy have provided us with lectures and workshops that have prepared us for any route into the games industry, as well as giving us an academic understanding of the industry."

The demo of RoBoats is available to play right now at PlayRoboats.com, you can also keep up with the development at @AnimalPuree on Twitter.

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