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I AM DYSLEXIC, a short film produced entirely by School of Film & Television graduates Mads Ogaard and Katie Wyman in their final year, has scooped 12 animation awards since 2016.

Since graduating from Falmouth, Mads and Katie have chosen different paths. But their award-winning film has still remained an important part of their lives. Both of them have toured around the UK to showcase I AM DYSLEXIC, and have used the film to further their careers and understanding of animation.

Following a Master's degree in Special Educational Needs at the University of Exeter, Mads decided to jump straight into illustration and animation ventures. He illustrated a Norwegian book called There are Words Behind the Letters, an information guidebook for Dyslexia based in the same world as I AM DYSLEXIC and featuring the same characters. Soon it will be available to a Swedish and English audience.

Speaking on his current plans, Mads explained: "I am working on a few illustrations and future animated projects, but mainly an upcoming book series about heavy topics such as parents in prison and parents with insanely high expectations of their children."

Katie has decided to spend more time honing her craft before properly entering the world of animation, enrolling on an online course in Traditional Animation at Don Bluth University, which offers only 20 seats on the course, whilst working at private art shop Green & Stone in London.

Her ambition, after her studies are complete, is to direct her own children's animation aimed at 10 to 14 year olds, as she feels that emotionally in-depth subject matters can be broached, whilst remaining true to a light-hearted feel.

Don Bluth has been a key figure in animation for over four decades, creating ground-breaking works such The Land Before Time, The Secret of NIMH and Anastasia. His curriculum teaches all the traditional methods of animation such as drawing, storyboarding, acting and scriptwriting.

Katie reflected: "I learnt everything about digital animation and the modern techniques whilst I was at Falmouth, now I feel I have a lot to learn about the traditional methods. I'm a strong believer in learning the rules before you break them."

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