Meet Falmouth-based design studio Kingdom & Sparrow

06 July 2023

Meet Kingdom & Flower

In this video, two founders of Falmouth-based design studio Kingdom & Sparrow talk about making the original Falmouth Art School building their creative home.

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Founded by a team of Falmouth graduates, design studio Kingdom & Sparrow brings fresh creativity to Falmouth whilst crafting brands worldwide. Creative Director Johnny and Client Director Sophie tell us more...

"We started [Kingdom & Sparrow] just over ten years ago, we set up and started working with a lot of artisan food and drink brands.

"It varies so much day to day, it keeps it really interesting and it means that we have a lot of skills in the studio that we get to use every day. Our team are absolutely fantastic, 60% of us are Falmouth graduates.

"We quite often bring traditional skills in image making to the projects that we do. Having a building that's been used for this for a century, it's a great place to be inspired, it really does feed creativity.

"We're trying to create an amazing work-life balance for everyone that works here. It's the original Art School in Falmouth so it's built for art, it's built for design, it's very much our creative home and hopefully we'll be here for many years to come."


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