Mark Kermode Cites Falmouth Lecturer as Inspiration!

01 April 2020

Dr Neil Fox seated
Dr Neil Fox
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Chief film critic for The Observer, Mark Kermode, has named The Cinematologists podcast as a key inspiration.

Created by Senior Lecturer Dr Neil Fox, with his colleague Dr Dario Llinares, The Cinematologists podcast aims to bring fans, filmmakers, critics and academics together to watch, discuss and engage with cinema of all forms, genres and eras.

In pull-out supplement ‘The Critics’, published with the Observer at the end of March, top UK book, dance, theatre, art and film UK critics were asked to name the cultural voices, books and websites they go to for inspiration.  Film critic Mark Kermode included The Cinematologists in his list. 

Since its launch in 2015, The Cinematologists podcast has become a space for film scholars, critics, practitioners and fans to showcase and discuss their work and experiences and a space for the discussion of film history, industry, culture and the future of the medium.

The Cinematologists presents a mix of live recordings, pre-recorded interviews and contextual clips from existing material, often in the same episode, resulting in a layered and discursive audio experience. The Cinematologists is the official partner podcast of the BFI National Film Seasons, one of a number of continued commercial partnerships and has seen its listenership rise to an average of 15,000+ per episode.

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