Lily Woodcock Animates Her Path to Success at Aardman Studios

11 June 2024

Lily Woodcock BA Film graduate
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Introducing Lily Woodcock, a BA Film graduate from Falmouth University whose passion for film production has propelled her into the world of animation.

Based in the UK, Lily's career journey has taken her from a production runner on commercials to a Senior Production Coordinator on the much-anticipated Wallace and Gromit film. Alongside her work with Aardman Animations, she is also a Producer at Bear Behind You, a Falmouth Alumni founded production company.

We asked Lily about her career path, current projects, and her experiences at Falmouth that shaped her professional journey. 


What has your career journey been since graduating from Falmouth University? 

After graduating from Falmouth University with a BA in Film in 2018, I started my career in production as a Production Assistant and later as a Production Coordinator on a children’s TV series that combined computer generated animation and live action. I landed this role through connections I made while working as a production runner on commercials. Once the series ended, I participated in ScreenSkills’ Production Coordinator Training Programme in collaboration with the BBC Academy to enhance my skills and gain more experience. This training was crucial for me to apply for coordinator roles that typically required more years of experience than I had at the time. Following the course, I worked at Blink Films as a Coordinator on factual entertainment documentaries. Eventually, I returned to animation as a Production Coordinator on Aardman’s computer generated animated TV series Lloyd of the Flies in 2021. Since then, I've been with Aardman and am currently the Senior Production Coordinator on the upcoming Wallace and Gromit film, which is now in production. Additionally, I am a Producer for Bear Behind You, a Cornish production company founded by Falmouth alumni Joseph Inman, Teddy Freeman, and Lucia Maňáková. At Bear Behind You, I produce short films, documentaries, and music videos, with our latest project being Spines, a short film funded by BFI NETWORK and co-funded by Falmouth University’s Sound/Image Cinema Lab. 


What are you up to now?  

Currently, I'm working as the Senior Production Coordinator on the upcoming Wallace and Gromit film, which is a dream come true. It's incredibly inspiring to work with some of the world's greatest masters of the craft. Additionally, there are several exciting projects in development at Bear Behind You, following the success of Spines. I'm privileged to be witnessing both well-established success at Aardman and the thrilling development of new projects with a company early in its journey. 


What have been the highlights of your career so far? 

The first project I worked on with Aardman, Lloyd of the Flies, felt like a big turning point in my career. It was a very exciting show to be working on as it was a first for Aardman, being the first in-house computer generated series and the team behind it were truly incredible. Working for such a renowned company on a pioneering project pushed everyone to work at their best. Since then, I’ve had chance to work on my first feature film and stop motion project the Wallace and Gromit feature film. I feel incredibly lucky to learn from some of the best filmmaking talent in the world. 


Tell us about a project/job you’re particularly proud of. 

Producing Spines, written and directed by Falmouth alumnus Joseph Inman, was both a great joy and a significant challenge. It was my first time managing a substantial budget and team independently, representing the company to outside funders, and relying solely on my skills and knowledge as a producer. This project was especially important as it was the first BFI Network funded short film written and directed by an autistic person and starring an autistic lead actor. I felt a lot of pressure to do the film justice and facilitate the team to work at the best of their abilities. There were certainly challenges throughout the production which kept me on my toes but I learned so much during the production and feel proud of the work I put into the film. The film is now embarking on a very exciting festival run, a testament to the immense hard work, patience and creativity of everyone involved. 

I loved studying Film at Falmouth. The advice and teaching from our lecturers was invaluable.

What did you most enjoy about studying at Falmouth? 

The best part about studying at Falmouth was the collaboration with other students. Falmouth is unique because you're surrounded by like-minded individuals who want to work together on creative projects. As a filmmaker, it’s fantastic to share a campus with talented actors, animators, fashion designers, and musicians, fostering a mutually beneficial creative environment that allows you to experiment and have loads of fun on projects. Collaboration is the core of the industry and I feel Falmouth nurtures that. 


How did your course help you develop the skills you needed for your industry (practical and professional)? 

I loved studying Film at Falmouth. The advice and teaching from our lecturers was invaluable. The most important thing was the encouragement to get out and shoot and that was where I learned the most. Working with course mates to achieve our project goals, learning from mistakes, and gaining confidence with each project developed skills I use daily in my career. 


What advice would you give to prospective and current students looking to enter the industry? 

See every job as a learning opportunity. Connection and collaboration are vital in our industry, and people value hard work and positive attitudes on set. When trying to get your foot in the door, you might end up working jobs that aren't ideal, but it’s important to take what you can from each experience. Always find something to learn, whether it's from the people you work with or the nature of the job itself. Stay positive, even if it feels like you're far from your goals, because you will get there! 


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