Type: Gallery
Category: Innovation

Fashion Marketing and Interior Design students have collaborated to establish an installation for the London Design Festival, in partnership with design company Campaign.

The pop-up retail experience entitled UNKNOWN opens its doors on Saturday 22 September, inviting visitors to mine for pieces of jewellery within foam structures built by the students.

Falmouth have co-operated with a number of organisations to create this event, including solid surface brand Corian who made the jewellery designs and mental health charity Mind, who's contribution included the benches that visitors can use once all the foam around them has been removed.

The installation targets the millennial generation in particular, as such the students have tailored the activities of the event to their desire for experiences rather than material aspirations.

Ella Smith, a second year Fashion Marketing student in charge of co-ordinating UNKNOWN, explained: "Campaign presented us with a brief to form a solution to declining footfall on the high street. We decided to design and brand a pop-up event that would challenge the traditional customer shopping experience.

"We wanted to push the concept of a jewellery shop, making it a playable experience for customers instead of just peering into glass boxes. The purpose is to create a fun and immersive experience that will help customers fall in love with the high street again. Having the visitors actively participate in order to find the rings should encourage them to put their phones down and live in the moment!"

As well as being open to the public and inviting students and alumni along to take part, Ella and her team have invited publications such as Wired, Drapers and Dezeen as well as several local London design studios including Method, Pentagram and ODD.

Reflecting on the process of launching this installation, Ella said: "It's been very eye-opening to see just how much work it takes to turn a theoretical concept into reality. It has been an amazing experience and working with a great team has made us all grow so much.

"UNKNOWN couldn't have happened without Falmouth. Everything from the original brief to Corian sponsorship, funding to industry contacts has made this possible. The lecturers in particular have been really encouraging us to push the design concept and experience."

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