Graduate creates powerful advert for Oxfam

26 November 2021

The cycle of broken promises

It's time to stop breaking promises. It's time to break the cycle. Stand together for our world. 

Type: Video
Category: Our graduates, Innovation

Prior to COP26, Animation & Visual Effects graduate Tim Wheatley created The Cycle of Broken Promises, a hard-hitting animated advert for Oxfam which highlights world leaders' failure to meet their climate promises.

Tim's work exposes the devastating effects that climate change is having on individuals all over the world.

His career as an animator took off in the first year of his course at Falmouth.

The undergraduate created The Cyclotrope, an animation in which a bicycle wheel was used as a makeshift Zoetrope to create movement, with cut-outs positioned around the rim.

The success of his film led Tim to being flown out to South Africa by the Swiss arm of Saatchi & Saatchi to contribute to an AIDs campaign. He has now returned to the technique that launched his career with his latest creation for Oxfam.

What is a zoetrope? 

Zoetropes are an early form of animation technology. They are cylindrical objects have images on their interior - when spun, the sequence of drawings produce the illusion of motion.

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