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Nicholas Kristiansen, third-year BA(Hons) Fashion Photography student, has had the experience of a lifetime, being selected to work with esteemed photographer Erika Astrid on the campaign shoot for this year’s Graduate Fashion Week Talent of Tomorrow campaign.

He assisted her throughout the day, helping to create a look book of the best graduate collections ahead of the catwalk event.

Nicholas told us: “I was so excited when I found out that I had been selected. It is always such a great experience seeing how other photographers work and it definitely inspired me a lot. I have been admiring [Erika’s] work for a long time.”

Erika has previously shot for Fendi, Wonderland, Hunger, Paper, Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar and VOGUE Italia. Her work aims to break archetypes, expanding the traditional idea of beauty.

Nicholas said: “The way she worked was really relaxed and I think that is a crucial part of her way of working, as her images are quite intimate. She builds up this connection between herself and the model, and the end result is so beautiful.”

Nicholas enjoyed the experience and says that Erika really made the day for him: “Erika is the kindest and sweetest photographer I have ever met. We instantly connected which made it so much fun to assist her throughout the day. She included me in the whole process from start to finish.” 

His passion for photography and his commitment to the work is already paying off. “I’m really excited to tell you,” Nicholas said, “that I’ll be working as the Lead Photographer for Graduate Fashion Week 2019, leading a team of around 10-15 photographers.” 

Nicholas and his team will be producing imagery for GFW’s website and social media channels. After that, he plans to move back to his home country – Norway – where he intends to gain further work experience, in other parts of the fashion industry. 

“My dream is to end up in a big city,” he said. “Whether that be London, New York, Stockholm or Amsterdam – I don’t know yet. All I know is that I am really excited for the future and the adventures it will bring.”

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