Falmouth University Declares Climate & Ecological Emergency

20 June 2019

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Falmouth University is joining others in the UK and across the world by declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

The University is doing so in recognition of the threat that climate change poses to the environment and communities, both locally and globally.

It is also an opportunity to galvanise the University’s efforts, in collaboration with staff, students and partners, to use its resources, research and knowledge for the protection and benefit of the planet.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Anne Carlisle said: “We recognise the urgency of this issue and the role that our institution can play in driving policy, changing behaviours and providing new ideas and solutions to difficult global problems.

“It is clear that climate change is one of the most pressing and complex issues facing this and future generations and radical action is needed.

“The University’s 2030 Strategy commits the institution to a sustainable future. This is underpinned by three sub-strategies representing the pillars of the institution: people; portfolio; and research and innovation.

“As we develop the implementation of these strategies, climate awareness and environmental responsibility will be embedded in every element of our work, from our campus services to our curriculum design.

“We have taken important steps to reduce our on-campus carbon emissions, decrease plastic consumption and encourage green travel. However, we are adamant that this declaration must be more than warm words and in the coming months we will be looking how we can take further, radical steps.

“We want to provide bold leadership and, in alignment with Government and industry, put environmental issues at the forefront of our teaching and learning.”

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