Falmouth increases solar panel presence on campus

An owl perches on a solar panel
Solar panels
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Falmouth University are significantly increasing the amount of solar panels on roofs at Penryn Campus this summer.

This is part of the continuing work to support the declaration of a climate and ecological emergency by Falmouth University in 2019.

Sarah Roby, FX Plus Director of Estates and project sponsor, said: “This is one of several pieces of work, large and small, that we're carrying out to support the ambitions of our partner universities to achieve net zero carbon emissions and making our campuses more sustainable.

"This will save energy and money, which can be used for future investments and improvements.”

Over the next few months, more than 1700 new panels will be fitted on the roofs across Penryn campus. These will add to existing panels already installed, with the existing Sports Centre panels also being upgraded and expanded.

Once complete, the newly installed solar panels will have a total capacity of 775 kW with an estimated 700,000 kWh per year generated. The University will see carbon savings of 149 tonnes CO2 per year, as well as energy cost savings of about £150,000 per year (based on current energy costs).