Falmouth Guest Speaker Programme kicked off by Danny Wallace

18 December 2020

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Danny Wallace
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This month we launched the Falmouth Guest Speaker Programme, which hosts inspiring talks from fascinating creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs. The weekly sessions were kicked off by presenter, best-selling author and BAFTA winner Danny Wallace. 

At Falmouth, we believe that cross-discipline collaboration and exploration is a catalyst for innovation. That’s why we’ve created the Falmouth Guest Speaker Programme. From business moguls and sports stars, to entertainers and creators, and those who have explored the world, the programme gives all students an opportunity to hear from industry experts across all sectors and disciplines.  

For our first event, we heard from the wonderful Danny Wallace. The television and radio presenter, author of 17 books and BAFTA-winning voiceover artist delivered an inspiring talk on making things happen and how he’s created a career through many disciplines. His portfolio is a real mix of professional experiences. 

As a TV presenter, he’s hosted live Saturday night shows on BBC1 such as Test the Nation, School’s Out and Castaway, written and presented BBC2 documentaries How to Start Your Own Country and Horizon, helmed major behind-the-scenes events for ITV, and investigated conspiracy theories for Sky. 

In radio, he’s hosted his own shows on Radio 2, Radio 4, 6Music, Absolute, and was the host of the triple Sony Award-winning Xfm Breakfast Show with Danny Wallace. He is also currently the host of the Important Broadcast with Danny Wallace on Radio X. 

His 25-year writing career includes work for TIME, The Guardian, The Times and dozens more. He is Contributing Editor at British GQ in features, and his award-winning weekly column in ShortList magazine reaches 1.4 million readers weekly and has been going 11 years. Not to mention his Sunday Times best-sellers Join Me, Awkward Situations for Men and Yes Man. 

Danny was invited as our first speaker because his career has been about achieving what Falmouth students are also capable of – creating opportunities that capture people’s imaginations, even in challenging times.

The event host, and Director of the School of Communication, Paul Springer says: “Danny took questions including how to be productive during the pandemic, what it’s like to write and voice a lead character in Assassin’s Creed, and how he turned saying yes more into a best-selling book and Hollywood film. His insights on how to manage your own brand, staying positive following knockbacks and the value of crossing disciplines, went a long way toward showing how much commitment is required to succeed. 

Danny was invited as our first speaker because his career had been about achieving what Falmouth students are capable of – creating opportunities that capture people’s imagination, even in challenging times.” 

Our next guest speaker will be broadcaster, writerformer television presenter and stand-up comedian Iain Lee. 

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