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An All Access Pass to the leading game industry event in San Francisco would be a thrilling opportunity for any game developer.

Game Development student, Kyle Shepherd, armed with his portfolio and knowledge of the industry, won such an experience in a competition run by the Game Development Conference (GDC) and programming company, Unity.

The GDC, attracting over 26,000 attendees, is the place for programmers, artists, business decision-makers and all the movers and shakers in the sphere of game development to gather to discuss ideas and shape the future of the industry.

On his time at GDC 18, Kyle explained: "The most interesting part of the trip for me was meeting fellow game developers from all over the world, and sharing a common bond which allowed for very interesting conversations. Witnessing the latest technology on display on the Expo Floor was amazing as well.

"It opened my eyes to see just how intensive and close-knit the game industry is. I've realised just how trying the game industry can be at times, but as long as you have passion and patience, you can get somewhere."

The conference spans five days and features over 500 lectures, panels and round-table discussions on a variety of development and VR topics by leading experts, as well as showcasing all the latest platforms, tools and services that are driving the industry forward. It also hosts the annual Game Developers Choice Awards, a set of honours for peer-recognition with the digital games industry.

Reflecting on his studies at Falmouth, Kyle said: "It has allowed me to gain real-life skills that will be extremely beneficial for me when getting a job at a games studio.

"I spoke to many people, including Falmouth's own alumnus Rex Crowle of Foam Sword Games, and they were very intrigued and pleased to hear of the skills that we learn on the Game Devolpment course at Falmouth. This will definitely make slotting in to an existing games studio much easier."

To see Kyle's portfolio and experience, visit his website.

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