Student launches children’s book to encourage emotional intelligence

04 November 2022

Launchpad student Charlii Testar holding book
Launchpad student Charlii Testar holding book
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A Launchpad student is launching a humorous new children’s book aimed at encouraging emotional intelligence at an exclusive event in Penryn on Wednesday 16 November.

The Sad Oranges by Charlii Testar features a non-binary character called Boo Boo Finnegan. They want some tasty orange juice, but all the oranges are sad. Boo Boo can only make sweet juice when all the oranges are happy. In this adventure, Boo Boo Finnegan learns valuable life lessons such as anger management.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive and manage our emotions as well as others. Charlii, author and illustrator of the book, thinks that this is vital for children’s development: “If children develop their emotional intelligence they can build healthier relationships, do well at school and can become great members of society.”

Charlii has been fascinated by personal development from a young age; her mum used to play Brian Tracy audio books in the car and at home to encourage positivity. She has used this experience to create her own stories while on the Launchpad programme and has recently self-published the book on Amazon.

Charlii added: “Playing those positive audio books really helped me develop into the person I am today. Now I have a kind, supportive internal voice that cheers me on when I’m feeling down. I hope that my books with Boo Boo Finnegan help foster children’s emotional Intelligence and spread joy.”

Charlii is having a book launch at Raze the Roof in Penryn on Wednesday 16 November from 11am to 1pm. It’s a free event, with no need to book a ticket and is suitable for ages three to six.

Visit Amazon to order a copy of the book. 

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