University governance is the constitutional forms and processes through which universities govern their affairs.

The Chancellor

The Chancellor fulfills an important presidential role and is figurative in public ceremonial events. The Chancellorship is unique to every university, with each incumbent shaping the role with their own personality, experience and passions.

We are delighted that the acclaimed actor, comedian and best-selling author Dawn French will be formally 'installed' as our first Chancellor on Thursday 26 March. The event will be marked with industry, staff, student and public celebration.

For full details about the role and Dawn's involvement with Falmouth visit our Chancellor's page

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the most senior committee in the University's governance structure.

The Board of Governors completed a review of its governance arrangements in November 2012 and approved changes to its operation effective from 1 August 2013. These changes include a reduction in the number of independent members, an increase in the annual number of Board meetings from three to six, and the winding up of the Finance and Human Resources sub-committees. The business conducted by the latter will now be dealt with by the Board.

Follow the links below for more information about our Board of Governors, their function and responsibilities:


Falmouth University is composed of nine distinct departments. Connected by subject area, they house academics, visiting experts, commercial partners, research and practice. Visit the departmental pages on the main site to explore them in more detail:

Charitable status

Falmouth University is a charity, but not a Registered Charity. Instead we are an Exempt Charity as noted in the Second Schedule of the 1960 Charities Act.

We do not, therefore, have a registered charity number, but are recognised as a charity for tax purposes under reference XT12087.

For more information see our Exempt Charity Information

Contact us

Please contact us if you require any further information regarding the governance at Falmouth.

Dr Robin Kirby
Strategic Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor
Secretary to the Board of Governors