Cornwall Campuses Community Charter

These are unprecedented and extraordinary times for our community in Cornwall. The ongoing global challenges mean that we must all continue to work together to support each other, to be mindful of our personal and collective responsibilities and challenges, and strive to behave with respect, consideration and thoughtfulness.

Your Commitment to your community

We ask you to demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour, thoughtfulness and consideration to other community members while on our campuses.

  • Follow the latest Government guidance and respect social distancing requirements.
  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, however mild, self-isolate, request a test and notify your university in accordance with relevant policies and guidance.
  • Participate in any regular testing offered on campus, to help stop the spread of Covid-19.
  • Consider and respect the safety of others in the community including students, staff and our neighbours.
  • Take every reasonable effort to minimise the risk of the spread of Covid-19 – regularly wash your hands wherever required in accordance with the guidance.
  • Follow the Covid-19 policies and procedures on campus.
  • Follow any special procedures which may be required in the event of a lockdown or outbreak of cases.
  • Follow any reasonable instructions given by a member of staff relating to how to practice social distancing, prevention measures or self-isolation.
  • Act inclusively and in line with university dignity and respect policies. Show empathy and be respectful and kind to other community members, recognising that individuals may have different needs and a different response to the Covid-19 risk.

Our Commitment to you

We will:

  • Continue to adapt and maintain a system of controls to mitigate the risk posed by the spread of Covid-19 including:

- Covid-19 secure building management and operating systems
- Enhanced cleaning procedures
- One-way systems
- Reduced occupancy in rooms including teaching rooms and study spaces
- Supporting robust hand and respiratory hygiene
- Establishing a dedicated testing centre on campus
- Active engagement with test and trace systems

  • Through regular and clear communications, take reasonable efforts to ensure members of our community are aware of, and abide by, the latest safe distancing guidance and our policies and procedures as these adapt.
  • Regularly assess the risk of the spread of Covid-19 on our campuses.
  • Take appropriate steps to contain any outbreak on our campuses, acting in conjunction with the Public Health authorities.
  • Adapt our learning and teaching to respond to the evolving situation and maintain a quality student experience.

Extensive work has been undertaken to ensure we are able to operate and make best use of our campuses in a safe and secure manner whilst also providing the widest possible range of academic, support and social opportunities, in-person or virtually. This means keeping things constantly under review, enabling us to adapt and respond to changing and potentially challenging scenarios including a potential Covid-19 outbreak or local/national lockdown.

Coronavirus updates and information

Find out how we're keeping our community safe, and how you can help.

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