Sony Computer Entertainment Visit Falmouth Launchpad 2015 Studio

Monday 23 February 2015
Game concept art presented to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe by Alacrity Falmouth team Cove Entertainment

Sony's Head of Academic Development, Dr Maria Stukoff and David Valjalo, Game Design and Production Consultant, recently visited Falmouth to evaluate the progress of the Falmouth Launchpad 2015 teams and programme, with particular interest in the two teams developing games for Sony's games platforms.

Falmouth Launchpad 2015 gained PlayStation®First endorsement at the start of the programme and two graduate incubation teams have been working on developing content for PlayStation.

Students presented the software that they have been developing over the past few months, taking hard questions about their development, design and business approach.

Maria said: "Falmouth Launchpad 2015 is a game-changer! This is exactly how investment into creative innovation should look like. This is an exciting launch pad for the next generation of game makers and digital trailblazers – right here at Falmouth University. The studio setting is already a success, with industry links setting the scene for future PS4 games and Falmouth Launchpad 2015's future-fit technical applications are right on trend."

David added: "The proof is in the prototypes. Falmout Launchpad 2015's aim is to nurture the next generation of game makers and pioneers, in everything from design to business. The foundations being laid by the programme in its inaugural year are exceptional."

The PlayStation First programme is designed to champion the highest quality of university video game technology courses. It is a partnership between Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and World Wide Studios. PlayStation First works closely with dedicated PlayStation game development and technology incubators, ensuring high-quality skill training for graduates.

Maria is the driving force behind PlayStation First - Sony's academic game development programme. She represents PlayStation on the Next Gen Skills Academy and UKIE's education advisory boards and is listed by Develop magazine as one of the Top 100 UK Women in video games. Maria is renowned for championing graduate start-up studios in the UK, and ensures that the PS4 development talent emerging out from Falmouth Launchpad 2015 can provide successful proportions for Sony's commercial publishing business.