Evtim Gruev

Alacrity (Launchpad pilot) Graduate

I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Computer Games and immediately joined the Alacrity Falmouth programme. This opportunity offered everything I wanted and more - an MA in Business Entrepreneurship, work experience and building my own business along the way.

Within the team I am working as a programmer in a specific field related to the project that we chose. The team I am now part of has become so much more. From complete strangers we are now friends and colleagues who share the same goals, vision and values. We have become close through the work we have done which adds to the social aspect of Alacrity Falmouth.

Each of us brings a fresh look and a bit of diversity to Alacrity, coming from a different background. Building on this we all contribute with the knowledge and experience we have as individuals. The result is a diverse and enjoyable working environment where everyone could give you a hand if help is needed.

Every morning I get up thinking that I should make the best of this amazing opportunity called Alacrity. I enjoy what I do and if any issues arise there is always somebody to help me or look into my concerns. Apart from that the learning experience is invaluable and it is perfectly tailored to help everyone of us achieve the best results.

The future looks very bright. Everyone is incredibly dedicated whether that is students or mentors. All this hard work is sure to produce amazing results by the end of Alacrity Falmouth 2014. I am truly excited to see what each team will produce and do not doubt that it will be amazing.