Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for courses commencing in 2017

Tuition fees for the academic year 2017-18 for full-time UK/EU new and returning undergraduate students, for their studies from September 2017 onwards:

  • BA(Hons) courses: £9,250

Paying with a Tuition Fee Loan from Student Finance England

If you have applied for a Tuition Fee Loan from Student Finance England, please check your payment schedule from the Student Loan Company to confirm that you have been awarded the correct amount. The Student Loan Company will automatically pay the Tuition Fees on your behalf directly to Falmouth University, on the dates specified on the payment schedule.

Paying tuition fees without the Tuition Fee Loan

Students who are not applying for a Tuition Fee Loan and are intending to make the fees payment directly themselves, can either pay the full tuition fees of £9,250 by 18 September 2017 (1st years) or 25 September 2017 (2nd & 3rd years), alternatively the payment can be made by two instalments of £4,625 by 18 September 2017 (1st years) or 25 September 2017 (2nd & 3rd years) and £4,625 by the 8 January 2018 (all years).

Student Funding

If you have any queries regarding your Tuition Fee Loan or Maintenance funding from Student Finance England please contact them on 0300 100 0607 or visit the Student Finance England website

Payment methods

To make a tuition fees payment, please use one of the following methods:

  • Online payments can be made at: paymentportal.falmouth.ac.uk
  • Credit/debit card payments can be made by telephone on 01326 213778 or 01326 253790, between 9.00am and 4.45pm GMT, Monday to Friday
  • In person at the Finance Office between 9.00am and 2.00pm (3.00pm Wednesdays) Monday to Friday
  • Directly into the University bank account - please email student.fees@falmouth.ac.uk for further details

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding tuition fees, please contact our Finance Office:

Tel: 01326 213778
Email: student.fees@falmouth.ac.uk