How to Write a Master's Personal Statement

What is a personal statement?

Your master's personal statement is an important part of your application. It is a written document that gives you a chance to tell us about who you are, what motivates and inspires you, your aspirations for the future and what you hope to achieve by studying with us. 

What should your personal statement include?  

Bringing structure to your master’s personal statement will not only make it more compelling but also easier to write. You should write between 600 and 1,000 words, covering three main points:  

Part 1 

Explain why you are making the application (250-400 words) 

Start your personal statement by telling us why you are applying to study your chosen subject at master's level. We want to see your enthusiasm for the subject and evidence that you've thought deeply about your choices.

You might refer to personal experiences in your life, professional roles you’ve held, or how your previous academic experience would make you a suitable applicant. 

Part 2 

Highlight your academic experience, knowledge and career ambitions (200-350 words) 

Here you should highlight your job roles, work placements or professional or academic experiences within your field of interest, along with your ambitions for the future.

You should also describe the areas of your previous academic studies you find especially interesting and that are relevant to your application and tell us about any experiences that support your application outside your regular studies. 

Part 3 

Why you are suitable for the course/extracurricular interests and skills (150-250 words) 

The final section should focus on your activities beyond professional and academic work, and how this makes you an even better master’s applicant. Explain how you can bring your existing skills and experience to the course and any specific areas that you wish to develop.  

End your personal statement by summarising the key points you've already written about and remind the reader why you are committed to studying your chosen course. 

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