Student Representatives Coordinator, FXU

Hannah's first contact with Falmouth was in 1996, when she surveyed the Falmouth Campus through horizontal rain and decided this was where she wanted to study for her degree. Born in Birmingham and "brung up" in the Black Country, Cornwall seemed the logical choice as her HE destination.

Palm trees and beaches gave her three years as a BA(Hons) Broadcasting Studies student and a permanent holiday vibe, though obviously the intense academic nature of her degree did much to counteract that.

After graduating Hannah resisted the lure of working for peanuts in the Soho media world and instead worked for fewer peanuts as the elected Student Union President (1999-00).

Following a year of hard work (no really) and with a much improved skill set (multiple poster application with a fingertip's worth of fluffy Blu-Tack), Hannah did the only sensible thing and had a baby. Thoughts of idyllic beach-based child rearing meant Falmouth became a long-term home and after a few months in the 'real world' of parenting, she started working for the Marketing Department. In 2002 Falmouth embraced the brave new(ish) world of widening participation and Hannah became its first widening participation officer. In August 2014 she returned to her spiritual home of the Students' Union to take on the tasty challenge of coordinating and developing the student representatives, though the light of WP still burns brightly within all she does.

Outside of work she enjoys laughing, reading, talking, playing netball, eating and making cake, and living the life of riley with her family.

Contact details

Telephone 01326 213764