Independent Member of the Board of Governors

With over 30 years of experience in commercial leadership roles, Evelyn has worked at or with a variety of renowned media organisations across the news, creative, and technology sectors: including the BBC, Capital Radio, the Daily Mail Group, United Business Media News International, the Associated Press (AP), Reuters & Dow Jones. She currently runs a co-owns a creative agency based in Bristol and London 

Her track record includes involvement with two FTSE IPOs within the news and information industry, orchestrating the successful sale of her previous business to a now division of the WPP plc, and overseeing the development of a prominent Associated Press media channel and a SaaS social media management service in the US. Additionally, she has played pivotal roles in multiple start-up projects and has led the turnaround of underperforming businesses. 

Working with globally recognised brands such as Microsoft, Samsung, North Face, AB-InBev, Sony and Marriott, as well as purpose-driven organisations like the Princes Trust and National Trust, Evelyn has amassed broad expertise spanning digital, publishing, advertising, events, SaaS, and multimedia.  

Her inquisitive and entrepreneurial nature, coupled with a keen interest in human behaviour, drives her to challenge the status quo and seek innovative solutions to complex problems for her clients, and has led her current study for an MSc in applied psychology and economic behaviour at the University of Bath. 

Throughout her career, Evelyn has led multidisciplinary teams across diverse corporate environments, delivering results for various stakeholders, including board executives, clients, investors, and partners. As a dedicated leader, Evelyn prioritises staff development, coaching, and training programs aimed at empowering teams to excel. Drawing inspiration from thought leaders like Carol Dweck and Matthew Syed, she strives to foster diverse, inclusive, and growth-oriented environments. 

Independent Member of the Board of Governors

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