About the researcher

After a career in Education, I am forging a second pathway in life as a Photographer. After first completing a degree and then a postgraduate diploma at schools of Photography in Barcelona, I  moved to Falmouth University and the MA in Photography (online). Throughout my studies in Photography, much of my work has been inspired by my experiences living in rural southern France. Themes have included human-influenced landscapes, village buildings and village human inhabitants, and the small, modern housing estates increasingly found attached to ancient settlements.  

Research interests

For the Final Major Project of the MA, I looked at historic deforestation and current reforestation and it was this work that has led me to the focus of my PhD: human and non-human animal interactions at a time of climate change, environmental degradation and human encroachment into territories previously the reserve of non-humans. I am interested in the use of posthuman photography as a research tool, helping us to observe non-human animal activites away from the near-presence of humans.

Chris Hewitson

PhD Abstract

Thesis title

Performing the Anthropocene: human and non-human animal interaction in the Corbières region of France.   


My PhD is an investigation into how non-human animals are managing their lives in the Anthropocene in the Corbières region of France.  

I use trail cameras to collect data about non-human animals and a range of case study methods to collect data about the attitudes of the local human community.  

Through triangulation of literature, synthesis of data and applying a new materialist framework, I seek to understand the phenomena explored.  

Researcher credentials


Year Qualification Awarding body
2019 Professional Photography, diploma  Grisart International School of Photography, Barcelona 
2021 Postgraduate Diploma: Documentary Photography  Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, Barcelona 
2023 MA (Photography)  Falmouth University 

Honours & awards

Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS), 2023

Areas of expertise

Eco-photography, non-human photography

Professional engagements

  • Official Photographer at the Barcelona International Music Festival, performances at the Institut Français, 2018. 
  • Official Photographer assigned to the Mayor of Barcleona, Chinese Ambassador to Madrid and the Chinese Consular Office, Barcelona, Chinese New Year Parade, 2018. 
  • Exhibition:  ‘China en Barcelona’, IEFC, Barcelona, 2020. 
  • Exhibiiton: ‘Ciudadelas en los Viñedos’, FineArt Festival, Igualada, 2021. 
  • Exhibition: ‘Sanglier’, Landings, Instute of Photography, Falmouth University, 2022. 
  • Source Graduate Photography Online: part of Falmouth University contribution, 2023.