Top 5 eco-friendly shops in Falmouth & Penryn

22 April 2022

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This Earth Day is all about empowering people to invest in our world.

It might be difficult to see how you can make a positive impact in the midst of the climate crisis. However, one of the most powerful weapons in the fight for a more sustainable future lies in each of our pockets. Our wallet can be a gateway to a greener world, should we choose to spend our money with companies that look to protect the planet.

Our local area is filled businesses that are putting the planet first. So, here’s a list of our top five eco-friendly shops in Falmouth and Penryn to help you #investinourworld.


Meet Falmouth’s zero waste shop, un_rap. The team have been supplying Cornwall with sustainable and ethically sourced products since 2018.

The shop is packed with pantry essentials, fresh produce and everyday cleaning products. All you’ll need to do your shop is a handful of empty containers.

If you can’t make it down in person, un_rap also offers free delivery to Falmouth’s residents on orders over £10, making shopping sustainably more convenient than ever. They’ve even devised a handy student starter pack for just £10, which will set you up with the store-cupboard essentials you need at the start of each semester.

You’ll save money at the store too. For example, refilling a standard spice jar will cost approximately 30 pence at un_rap, while purchasing a brand new one from the supermarket will set you back at least four times that.

Visit the store, or head over to their website to see how you can shop more sustainably and save your hard-earned cash.


un_wrap logo - a black and white pencil drawing of a flower with 'un_wrap' written underneath


Natural Store

Falmouth’s Natural Store is a self-described Aladdin's cave of wholefoods, organic produce and packaging-free organic fruit and vegetables. Like un_rap, you’ll be able to refill your spice jars, as well as sample some incredible flavours from their deli salad bar.

Head to Market Strand to find this bounty of organic awesomeness.


Charity shops

Charity shops are a brilliant way to reduce our demand for new resources, reuse high-impact items like clothing and electronics, and help drive a sustainable, circular economy. There’s nothing more satisfying than bagging a bargain while supporting a good cause and helping the planet at the same time.

Falmouth is packed with charity shops. You’ll find several while walking down the high street, including Cancer Research UK, Barnardo’s, British Heart Foundation and Cornwall Hospice.

If you find yourself in possession of items you no longer need, consider donating them to one of the many good causes.

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Falmouth & Penryn Repair Café

Twice a month, the Repair Café team pool their knowledge and tools to help you fix something that would otherwise end up in the bin.

The Repair Cafés are located at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth and Temperance Hall in Penryn. A the events, you’ll find knowledgeable volunteers and the tools needed to help you repair your household items for free, although many visitors will choose to make a donation to help the charity continue their good work.

The team will be able to help you fix up your clothes, ceramics, lamps, radios, clocks, bicycles, vacuums, toasters, electrics, lawn mowers, woodworks amongst many other things.

And even if something can’t be fixed, there’s always coffee and cake on offer! Visit their website to find the next Repair Café date.


A logo for the Falmouth & Penryn cafe - the words Falmouth & Penryn cafe are underscored with a yellow and red line


The Sustainability Café

We just couldn’t leave our very own Sustainability Café off this list!

The café opened in September 2021, and was built using sustainable material choices, including Forest Stewardship Council certified timber and furniture fabric made from up-cycled discarded ocean plastic.

Bread, milk, fruit, cakes, confectionery and vegetables are sourced locally whenever possible, and we support and sell Fairtrade goods including coffee, bananas, chocolate, biscuits and sugar.

The Sustainability Café recently announced that its menu has gone exclusively vegetarian and vegan, meaning that there’s a plethora of green goodness for students to choose from at breakfast and lunch.

Head to the first floor of the Stannary on Penryn Campus to find the sustainable jewel in Penryn Campus’ crown.

Three students having coffee at a table in the Sustainability Cafe on Penryn Campus


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