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06 May 2020

Photo of the creators of Tap Tap Blast
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Matt Brown graduated Falmouth in the summer of 2018 with a degree in Animation & VFX. Since then he has started a business called Pocket Pals and learnt game development. Collaborating with his brother during lockdown, Matt has created a new app called Tap Tap Blast. 50% of the revenue from adverts in the app is being donated to COVID-19 related charities and organisations.

We caught up with Matt to find out about the app:

What have you created?
My brother and I have created a free-to-play mobile game where users blast waves of aliens. It’s a very simple game where you attempt to survive as long as possible by tapping and swiping. It has a Flappy Bird style game loop, and we intentionally made it 'hard to master’ to increase the competitiveness.

Why is it important to you?
The project is important since it aims to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re donating 50% of our ad revenue to COVID-19 related charities and organisations! Our initial idea was to have users blasting waves of viruses. However, new App Store guidelines now prevent any COVID-19 related content (hence why it’s now a space-shooter). The core concept is still there: stay safe at home but still help in the fight against the virus by playing our game. My background is animation and so it’s the only way I can use my skills to help, whilst also enabling others to help too!

How is it going?
So far the reception has been great, all positive reviews and feedback. Making the game was the easiest part, the hard part came trying to get it accepted on the App Store! Since my brother and I don’t have much experience in marketing, we are also struggling a little to get the word out. It’s great that you’re giving us this platform to spread the word; the more people that share it the more we raise. If anyone does download the app please do share it with friends and family and challenge them to beat your score. Once we hit our first £100 we’ll be announcing where our first donation will be going. Every month - once a month - after that we’ll share how much was raised and where the money will be going. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook (TapTap Blast) to follow along.

How does it link to what you do when not in lockdown?
I have been running a small start-up called Pocket Pals with my co-founder Danielle. We make creative digital solutions for nature-based organisations. Currently we’re working on Augmented Reality wildlife trails for reserves. So I’ve been making apps for the past year and a bit since graduating.

Download the app from Apple or Google Play.

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