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When Sportswear Design student Millie Winson graduates next month, she’ll do so with the comforting knowledge that she already has a job lined up and waiting for her.

As Junior Designer at Gul Watersports, an internationally-renowned surfing and outdoor sports brand (best known for pioneering the first one-piece wetsuit in the mid-70s), Millie will be responsible for assisting in keeping Gul at the forefront of technical design and creating compelling design solutions.

When asked how it felt to land the role, Millie said: “Unbelievable! I was in a state of shock and euphoria all day. I was really proud of myself, knowing these three years at University were completely worth it. Landing my dream job before graduating was amazing.

She heard about the role through her tutors; representatives from Gul visited the studios for a tour by the staff team and passed on a job description which was sent to the students. Millie contacted Gul by email, sending her digital portfolio which included her final project; an attractive collection of high-vis, fashionable outdoor clothing designed for the water.

Millie told us: “I wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply for Gul if it wasn’t for my course and my tutors giving us these opportunities. My portfolio was strong because in third year, there was a big focus on developing our portfolio to an industry standard, and also preparing us with the skills needed when going into the industry.

Not only that but I feel that Falmouth really develops who you are as a creative and what your USP (unique selling point) is. The creative freedom we’ve had over the past three years really gave me the confidence to go with my gut and develop who I am as a designer. I think that employers and people in the industry recognise that.”

Millie is excited to continue her professional development within an industry setting.

She told us: “I want to keep learning. There is so much I’m looking forward to discovering about Gul and I have so many questions and things I want to know about the industry. I want to meet new and interesting creatives whilst also enjoying living in Cornwall.”

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