Launchpad business Amutri secures Innovate UK funding to revolutionise 3D visualisation industry

25 August 2023

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Launchpad start-up success story Amutri is celebrating following news of their successful bid to secure a grant with a project value of £492k. 

The company specialises in simplifying the 3D visualisation process for designers and organisations so they can save time, reduce costs and win more clients. 

3D visualisation is currently used by a wide range of design and social media teams to enhance the way they engage with customers and users, with retailers commonly adopting the technology to improve in-store and online experiences. 

The technology until now has often been difficult to adopt and expensive to maintain, but Amutri aims to remove these barriers to entry by building a new product that delivers a simple path to 3D experience creation, allowing people to create and share 3D content faster, without technical knowledge and view 3D experiences on any device using cloud computing. 

Following the Innovate UK Smart grant award, the company’s 12-month industrial research project will develop a new immersive 3D visualisation product, which will create a 'first-of-its-kind' low entry point, easy-to-use platform that turns computer-aided design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) files into ready-ready digital assets, and 3D experiences in seconds.

The highly sought-after Smart grants are awarded to businesses that deliver ambitious or disruptive innovations that can make a significant impact on the UK economy and beyond.

Before establishing the company, Amutri’s CEO Michael Calver spent two decades designing and building advanced 3D visualisation and simulation technologies, pioneering the use of gaming technologies within non-gaming applications for a range of industries.

He said: "The Amutri team is thrilled to have secured the grant from Innovate UK. Interactive 3D experiences have seen a sharp increase in demand due to their capability to revolutionise entire industries. Every company needing to produce 3D experiences faces the same problem of complex, lengthy, and expensive 3D content creation processes, and Amutri is here to remove these barriers.

"The grant will help us in our ambition to dramatically lower the entry point to 3D visualisation technology. Our work has already been trialled by some of the world’s leading design, engineering, and real estate companies and this new investment will enable us to reach even more customers who are looking for a quick and cost-effective way to produce stunning 3D experiences.”

He added: "Launchpad has provided us with the funding and skills needed to enable us to build revolutionary 3D visualisation products, find customers, and secure investment ahead of the anticipated rapid growth of the company during 2024."

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