Graduate Designs for Luxury Experiences

09 April 2020

Megan Kneebone portrait photo
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Megan Kneebone graduated BA(Hons) Interior Design in 2017. She is currently working for Imagination:

‘A global experience company who specialise in creating experiences that change how people feel, think and act. They’re an independent experience company with 12 offices worldwide. Through a deep understanding of experience design, human behaviour and storytelling, they use the power of experience to shape the entire customer journey from promoting awareness to driving conversion.’

Megan gave us an update on her time at Falmouth and what she has been doing since:

What did you enjoy most about your time at Falmouth University?

The creative freedom and encouragement we were given to explore our ideas. The teaching and amount of contact time with tutors was fantastic and the one on one sessions were really useful milestones in our projects. Having our own creative studio and I.T suite was a brilliant space to knuckle down and work with friends - studio life was a real highlight.

What are you up to now work wise?

When I moved to London I initially started out at Aftroditi Krassa, where I freelanced for six months. It was my first steppingstone into London life following on from university and was a job that I found through the mentoring scheme at Falmouth. Proceeding this I worked for a technology/architecture start-up called Resi before finding my dream job at Imagination (the company my mentor was from). We were all encouraged to find a design mentor as part of Level Two.

I have been working for imagination for nearly two years now. The range of work has been massive, from a Global Tour for Rolls Royce (current project), the launch of the Range Rover Evoque, launching Vodafone 5G in the Sky Gardens, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Weeks' - Youth for Sustainability Expo and an experience-based Island resort in the Red Sea (little explanation below). Plus many, many pitches - it's been a bit of whirlwind.

Island Resort in the Red Sea: A yachting destination for the world’s most discerning travellers and UHNWIs. The ultra-exclusive, luxury, experience-based resort based in the Red Sea was an invitation-only, gathering of the world’s largest mega yachts. The event celebrated the best of the best that globally renowned masters of gastronomy, health & wellness, sport, and Grammy award-winning entertainers could offer.

It took six months, thousands of drawings, but we conceptualized and designed all of the properties on the once barren desert island. Properties included a Welcome Centre, a Beach House, a Michelin starred restaurant, a Spa, luxury Cabanas, an open-air Performance Arena, Outdoor Cinema and several pop-up bars.

Unfortunately, I am unable to share any photos of this one due to confidentiality reasons but just picture lots of big yachts, blue skies, and sand.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Get involved with everything the university has to offer, such as the mentoring scheme. Make sure you make use of the facilities at your fingertips - you'll wish you had access to a 24-hour library when you aren't there anymore. Most importantly, choose somewhere you will be happy.

A project I have worked on - Range Rover Launch
The new Range Rover ‘Evoque’ was launched in Central London at the Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch. The event celebrated London’s culture with VIP guests who trialed the new luxury vehicle through a purpose built terrain (see project image below).



The new Range Rover ‘Evoque’ launch

Range Rover ‘Evoque’ launch event