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Falmouth photography lecturer, artist and writer Lottie Davies has released a new strand of her series Quinn – an intricately researched and documented multimedia project, which will now be published as a monograph.

Through its unique design, Quinn will act as a portable handheld version of the exhibition experience. It is due to be released by Cornish publishing agency Mutton Row on April 4. 

Quinn recounts the fictional story of the young William Henry Quinn, who is walking from the south-west of England to the far north of Scotland in post Second World War Britain. The story is a meditation on grief, loss, loneliness, the human search for meaning and the possibility of redemption through time and landscape.


In this series, Lottie has created a layered view of the titular figure. By using moving image works, large format photographs, text and installations, she paints a detailed picture of the character’s imagined life. To add further depth to the character, Lottie also writes imagined diary entries for Quinn.

As an artist, Lottie’s work is concerned with stories and personal histories; the tales and myths we use to structure our lives. While fictional, Quinn has been created in response to the real experiences of young men and women post-trauma, both in the early twentieth century and now. The life changes imposed on each generation by conflict and global socio-economic collapse, produces a constant stream of people left untethered in the world.

You can find elements of Quinn on Lottie’s website. The book itself is now available to pre-order.

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