English lecturer releases two new books

17 November 2020

Ruth Heholt Catherine Crowe
Ruth Heholt Catherine Crowe
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Dr Ruth Heholt, Senior Lecturer in English, has recently published two new books that explore Victorian and gothic literature.

'Catherine Crowe: Gender, Genre and Radical Politics’ is the first full-length study of the popular Victorian writer Catherine Crowe (1790-1872). Crowe is increasingly recognised as an important and influential figure in the literary and Spiritualist circles of the nineteenth century. This publication offers a reassessment of her major works, arguing that her writing was prescient on many hot topics of discussion today. Politically radical in many ways, Crowe was vocal about women’s oppression by men, social inequality, poverty, slavery, and animal rights. Ruth’s work aims to restore an author who was once famous and lauded to her proper place in the scholarly discussion of Victorian Literature.

Alongside the work on Crowe, Ruth has also co-edited ‘The New Urban Gothic, Global Gothic in the Age of the Anthropocene’ with Holly-Gale Millette from Southampton University. The collection examines the different and shifting meanings that arise from contemporary fictions that utilise the tradition of the Victorian Gothic in their storytelling. 

Ruth said, “I’m thrilled that both these books have been published and to have the opportunity to discuss them with academic colleagues and students. This is an extraordinary time in history, when many of the issues of inequality, poverty, and prejudice that were explored in Victorian literature are still echoing in our society and public discourse.”

Grab your copy of Ruth’s latest fascinating works 

Catherine Crowe: Gender, Genre, and Radical Politics here 

The New Urban Gothic: Global Gothic in the Age of the Anthropocene here


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