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Interior Design student Sophie Cresswell has focussed on cooking as a way to help her, and others, through lockdown - sharing her recipes and experiences on Instagram. We caught up with Sophie to find out what she is up to:

What are you doing?
Just cooking! Nothing fancy, nothing radical - just this time, I’m documenting it on Instagram.

What was your inspiration?
It’s such an uncertain time and the one thing that we can control is what we nourish our bodies with. I’m a real advocate of homemade food as cooking from scratch is almost always healthier, cheaper and more rewarding.

In terms of ‘inspiration’ - it would be rude not to say Mary Berry...she actually lives in my village! But the inspiration truly came from the unprecedented times we find ourselves in and the daunting amount of free time we’ve suddenly got on our hands. It’s such a great time to experiment with new recipes!

How is it going?
I’m loving it! It’s given me a real purpose during lockdown and I’ve had some great opportunities arise from it. Last week I hosted ‘Tasty Tuesday’ on Instagram live for Falmouth & Exeter’s Student Union which was great fun and I really hope to do more events like that in the future.

What is planned next?
Oh goodness there is so much I’d love to do with it! In the coming weeks I’m hoping to make recipe videos as at the moment it is just images. But there’s really no end to what’s planned next - I just need to see where it takes me and hope for the best.

Check out loafofsoph2020 on Instagram!

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