Fellows & Honorary Fellows

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Fellowships and Honorary Fellowships are the highest accolades that Falmouth University confers onto individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the creative sector.

Those recognised for their achievements include performers, writers, artists, musicians, and photographers from Cornwall and across the globe.

The awards are not formal academic awards and carry no formal duties or responsibilities. Instead, they reflect Falmouth's recognition of the significant role that an individual has performed either professionally or personally, particularly in providing an inspiration for students and staff.

Dartington College of Arts and Falmouth University (then University College Falmouth) merged in 2008, and those who received their awards from Dartington have also been included here.

If the individual who has accepted the nomination is an alumnus of Falmouth University they would be awarded with a Fellowship, those who took their studies elsewhere would be awarded an Honorary Fellowship.

Nominations may only be suggested to the Honorary Awards Committee by Falmouth University staff.

NameTitleDate Awarded
Professor Alan Livingston CBE FCSDHonorary Fellowship2012
Professor Alan ReadHonorary Fellowship2003 (Dartington)
Alan ZoeftigHonorary Fellowship2008 (Dartington)
Professor Alastair McLennanHonorary Fellowship1996 (Dartington)
Alex ThomsonHonorary Fellowship2006
Alex Turvey Fellowship2014 
Andy EarlHonorary Fellowship2014
Annie Castledine (Deceased)Honorary Fellowship1996 (Dartington)
Anthony EverittHonorary Fellowship1995 (Dartington)
Bill MitchellHonorary Fellowship2006
Bonnie Dean OBEHonorary Fellowship2011
Professor Brian CatlingHonorary Fellowship1996 (Dartington)
Bruce DuckworthHonorary Fellowship2013
Lady Carol Holland MBEHonorary Fellowship2008
Charles HancockFellowship2005
Chris CrickmayFellowship2001 (Dartington)
David KampHonorary Fellowship2012
Sir David Willcocks CBE (Deceased)Honorary Fellowship2012
Daphne SkinnardFellowship2013
Darcus BeeseHonorary Fellowship2013
David Sproxton CBEHonorary Fellowship2016
Doug AllanHonorary Fellowship2014
Professor Edward GregsonHonorary Fellowship1997 (Dartington)
Emma RiceHonorary Fellowship2017
Graham FitkinHonorary Fellowship2008 (Dartington)
Gustav Metzger (Deceased)Honorary Fellowship2001 (Dartington)
Heiner GoebbelsHonorary Fellowship1999 (Dartington)
Hugh PymFellowship2010
Ivor StollidayFellowship2004 (Dartington)
Jane ChapmanHonorary Fellowship2003 (Dartington)
Jane Rapley OBEHonorary Fellowship2013
Janet SmithFellowship1999 (Dartington)
Dame Janet RittermanHonorary Fellowship1997 (Dartington)
Jeffrey DammersHonorary Fellowship 
Joe RichardsFellowship2007 (Dartington)
Professor John Bull CBEHonorary Fellowship2001 (Dartington)
Professor John CayleyHonorary Fellowship2000 (Dartington)
John SimmonsHonorary Fellowship2011
Jude Kelly OBEHonorary Fellowship1999 (Dartington)
Karen ChristopherHonorary Fellowship2011
Keith TippettHonorary Fellowship1996 (Dartington)
Linda HirstHonorary Fellowship1998 (Dartington)
Lois KeidanHonorary Fellowship1999 (Dartington)
Lucy NealHonorary Fellowship2001 (Dartington)
Mark DionHonorary Fellowship2014
Mary BurkeHonorary Fellowship2013
Lady Mary Holborow DCVO (Deceased)Honorary Fellowship2011
Mary O'Donnell-FulkersonHonorary Fellowship2002 (Dartington)
Michael ForemanHonorary Fellowship1998
Michael LaneHonorary Fellowship2002 (Dartington)
Michael Porter RWAHonorary Fellowship2007
Professor Mike PearsonHonorary Fellowship2008 (Dartington)
Mona HatoumHonorary Fellowship1997 (Dartington)
Paul OliverHonorary Fellowship1998 (Dartington)
Peter Cox OBE FDCAHonorary Fellowship1993 (Dartington)
Peter Hodgson CBE DLHonorary Fellowship2011
Peter Lord CBEHonorary Fellowship2016
Peter KosminskyHonorary Fellowship2011
Philip Marsden FRSLHonorary Fellowship2013
Posy SimmondsHonorary Fellowship2013
Richard WilliamsHonorary Fellowship2009 (Dartington)
Robbie RobertsonHonorary Fellowship1997 (Dartington)
Rose Fenton OBEHonorary Fellowship2001 (Dartington)
Dr Rosamunde Pilcher DLOBEHonorary Fellowship2009
Seth LakemanHonorary Fellowship2007 (Dartington)
The SorrellsHonorary Fellowship2006
Stella BenjaminHonorary Fellowship2007
Stuart BrisleyHonorary Fellowship1993 (Dartington)
Sue HillHonorary Fellowship2010
Sue Hoyle OBE
Honorary Fellowship2014
Toby HaynesFellowship2014
Professor Tom HunterHonorary Fellowship2012
Ton van VlijmenHonorary Fellowship1995 (Dartington)

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