MA Sustainable Fashion (Online) Masterclass

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Virtual event

Our Masterclasses give you an opportunity to hear from our academic experts on a wide range of hot industry topics, while getting a flavour of our online master’s degrees. 

Humans are in the powerful position to question and reimagine the fashion industry’s existing processes and established frameworks. Both proven to be unsuitable to tackle current challenges such as the climate crisis we need to ask ourselves how can we utilise inner values, creativity and imagination to draw a different picture of the future of fashion systems?

In this MA Sustainable Fashion (Online) Masterclass, Module Leader Sabine Lettmann will introduce some of the principles of systems thinking and systems mapping. These will allow you to develop first ideas to facilitate initial systems change for your own business or create new creative fashion concepts. Bring questions, an open mind, and a willingness to market the skills you already have.

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