Moving to Falmouth Webinar

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Students sitting and under a fern and walking through Falmouth campus greenery.

Virtual event

Moving away to go to university can feel like a big step, especially if that university is quite a long way from the place you call home.

Join our webinar to hear from our students about why they chose to move to Falmouth, what it was like moving from a city to a smaller seaside town, what the social life is really like, and how easy it is and how often they go back home.

If you’re trying to decide whether moving to Falmouth for university is the right choice for you, this is the perfect chance to get answers to your questions from the people who know it best.

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Student Life at Falmouth

From world-class beaches to delicious food, from a lively music and arts scene to a wild landscape like no other, Falmouth provides a truly unique student experience.

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