Dr Joanna Henley

Job title
Associate Lecturer, Marine & Natural History Photography

Jo is a marine scientist and science interpretation specialist. Her initial academic training was in marine biology. Jo also has a Masters degree in marine resource management and a PhD in marine science communication through visual art media.

Obtaining her PhD in Orkney Islands, Scotland, Jo moved to Cornwall in 2004. She previously lectured in Marine Resource Management at Falmouth Marine School before joining the NHMP team in 2007. Passionate about cross-curricular learning, this multi-disciplinary course is perfect fit for Jo's expertise.

Outside her lecturing, Jo is managing director of Sciart Solutions - a science communication consultancy. Having observed the natural world, through scientific enquiry, and represented it, in a creative way, for as long as she can remember, she devised the concept for a company that uses visual means of communicating scientific information to the general public. Sciart Solutions specializes in producing environmental interpretation, science educational workshops and resources. The company also interprets written science for a lay audience.

Jo is also an illustrator, specializing in natural history and taxonomic drawing. A keen diver, she spends a significant amount of time underwater, exploring the Cornish marine and coastal environment.