3rd Year Animation & Visual Effects student

Course Animation BA(Hons)
Interests Art Literature Music Gaming
Unibuddy https://api.unibuddy.co/og/falmouth/buddies/students/5f68ca9f3c640c071b224a6a?b…
Year of study 3
I come from Stafford, UK
Amanda Bourne 2
Amanda Bourne 2
Hiya I’m Amanda!(she/her) I’m now a second year Animation & VFX student, I’ve been through first year and had all the worries like you probably do now. Coming to Falmouth was a massive step for me, I knew no one and couldn’t hop on the bus home after a long day. Yet it’s been amazing and I’ve met and made awesome friends, memories and so many stories. There’s also so many beaches and a few great pubs to have fun at with mates.