Senior Technician Camera & Lighting

John is currently a senior technician in camera and lighting at the School of Film & Television. After a twelve year career in HM forces he subsequently then worked in both education and the film and TV industry for the next twenty five years, initially starting out in the grip department and then moving on into the camera department as a camera operator. For John having had the opportunity to work and travel is the very best kind of education and has worked on location in some of the world’s most challenging places such as the Arctic Circle, the deserts of Northern Iraq and Indonesia’s mighty tropical rainforests
To date his client base includes both the US and Italy based National Geographic, 20th Century Fox, Nickelodeon and New Line Cinema, Red Bull Extreme Sports, PWA live TV and Eden live music session for the BBC. His portfolio includes having worked on features, documentaries and extreme sports corporate commercials and EPK’s for such films as Dark Knight Rises, Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Threader, The Smurfs, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, How to Train your Dragon, The Hunger Games, Gulliver’s Travels and the Ghost Snipers 2 computer game.
John particularly enjoys working and living in Cornwall and especially the live music events at the Eden Sessions where he is employed as both a stage camera and jib operator. His passions are photography and moving image and his current research and interest is in the field of VR technologies and the potential for their use in the film and TV industry.

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