‘Speak up’: Screen & Identity

This Research & Knowledge Exchange Doctoral Project brief summarises our priority areas of research interest under the heading of: ‘Speak up’: Screen & Identity.

We welcome all research degree applications aligned with and in response to this brief.

Project brief details

The School of Film & Television invites independent and imaginative researchers to work on projects broadly realigned with our Screen & Identity research theme. 

Thanks to our varied staff expertise, who come from interdisciplinary backgrounds, we can support PhD candidates taking a more traditional route of text-based theses and those who may opt for practice-based studies researching media in relation to positionality and situated knowledge. 

You can design your proposal as a historical retrospective revision or a more contemporary analysis of broadly understood visual culture. 

We welcome brave and innovative interdisciplinary contextual projects that extend beyond the currently available scholarship and methodologically fall into the following thematic categories: 

  • Feminism and visual culture 
  • Decolonisation of the screen 
  • Gender and transgender studies 
  • Sexuality and intimacy on the screen 
  • Cinema & TV of the other 
  • Accessibility and Inclusion in Media Industries 
  • Representations of social privilege 
  • Hybrid identities on the screen 
  • Autoethnography in visual culture 
  • Screen art and entertainment as a tool for social resistance 
  • Activism in film 
  • Children on the screen 
  • Post-conflict and post-dictatorship memory cultures  
  • Global politics and representation 
  • Pluralism & minority voices 
  • Radical screen stories 
  • Local communities in global and national media 
  • Representations of the socially marginalised 
  • Revisions of the dominant screen metanarratives through archive research 

Firmly dedicated to the ethics of care, we look forward to working with PhD students who intend to contribute to the pool of academic knowledge and are ready to advocate for social change by investing in impactful, timely and profound contextual criticism.  

Please contact us to discuss your proposals:

E: anna.misiak@falmouth.ac.uk

E: struan.gray@falmouth.ac.uk

Strategic alignment

Projects deriving from this brief are expected to sit within the Research & Knowledge Exchange strategy and the following department.

Department School of Film & Television

All successful research degree project proposals must emphasise a clear alignment between the project idea and our Research & Knowledge Exchange strategy. 

Project brief lead

Anna Misiak
Anna Misiak

Project supervisor: Associate Professor Anna Misiak

Former Fulbright Scholar at the University of Southern California, Anna Misiak holds a PhD from the Polish Academy of Sciences. She is a senior lecturer in Film and MA Film & TV course coordinator. She authored one monograph, Kinematograf kontrolowany (2006) and contributed her film research to edited collections and peer-reviewed journals. 

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How to apply

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We welcome all research degree applications aligned with this Doctoral Project brief. ​To apply in response to this brief or learn about the application process click the button below.

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Project brief & project proposal enquiries

To discuss this project brief, ideas or project proposal responding to this brief, please contact: Associate Professor Anna Misiak.

E: anna.misiak@falmouth.ac.uk

Application enquiries

For all other application related enquires please contact the Research & Development team.

E: pgr@falmouth.ac.uk

T01326 255831

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