Successful pivot for early-stage start-up

04 March 2022

Launchpad start-up Hungry Billy
Hungry Billy - Launchpad start-up
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A Launchpad start-up has recently pivoted the business - gaining clients and revenue.

Hungry Billy, founded by Ben Drees and Harry Good, started as a game studio working towards their first release but since incorporation in September, they have pivoted towards games co-development. This move has seen them gain three clients, take on ten sub-contractors and pay themselves a salary.

Harry explained: “We quickly realised that we weren’t going to be able to get much traction from just creating games. Since we’ve established ourselves as a games co-development agency, we’ve been working with the likes of Code Wizards, Energym and 50000 Leagues, where we’ve been developing apps, software and gamified applications.”

Not content with securing their first clients the start-up is also offering sub-contract work to help students from Falmouth University’s Games Academy gain industry experience.

Harry added: “We’re fully aware of how competitive it can be to break into the games industry and wanted to give something back to those starting out. In the early days we were constantly told by publishers that we didn’t have enough experience so hopefully working with us will help the students gain some industry-ready knowledge.

“We’re really pleased to be able to finally pay ourselves a small salary and are hoping to turnover £100k by the end of our first year, which feels doable thanks to our recent networking and word of mouth recommendations.”

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