New platform aims to create a safer community for collectors

28 January 2022

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A Launchpad start-up has created a marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade collectables safely online.

Hoardboard, founded by Lewis Donley, Liam Russell and Adam Drewery, provides collectors with a new safe space to trade valuable items. The online marketplace has payment and fraud protection for users, with moderators checking over items for fakes. The site also gives users the ability to report items and communicate with other users to feel secure in their purchases.

Adam, Chief Community Officer at Hoardboard, explained the need for a trusted marketplace: "Recent years have seen more people become interested in collecting as a hobby, whilst equally signalling 'scalpers' to buy up stock. This has caused shortages for items and has driven prices up in the secondary market.

"Many people have turned to online content creators and social media to help them find trusted sellers. We've been talking to shops and online stores in the collectables space to better understand the problem."

Hoardboard allows users to seek out products and sellers with messaging features to create new customer relationships for stores, helping customers avoid scalpers high prices.

The trio have recently launched their platform - it's in the early stages but is focused on creating a digital space that puts collectors first, with the aim to become the safest place online to buy, sell or trade collectables.

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