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14 November 2022

Camilla and May from Launchpad start-up BETA100
BETA100 Launchpad
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Launchpad start-up BETA100 has just launched their platform; a network of talent that companies can use to build up their product and grow their businesses. It all starts with a project that can be awarded in cash, equity or a blend of both.

Founded by Camilla Carrapatoso and May Ireland, BETA100 aims to be a platform for the future of work; a place where professionals can build their portfolio career by investing their time and skills into projects tackling problems they care about or that are led by people they believe in.

Camilla explained: “Our relationship with work is changing and the pandemic accelerated that considerably. Younger generations don't see having a nine-to-five corporate job as something they admire anymore. 

“And while entrepreneurship isn't everyone's cup of tea, BETA100 helps both sides - founders to build an ace team with highly skilled personnel to take them to the next level, and a central platform to connect professionals seeking to get something more out of work.”

The duo joined Launchpad in September 2021, in that time they’ve been validating the idea, undertaking user testing, developing the software and working with mentors and Entrepreneurs in Residence to bring the product to market.

Ben Leonard, Launchpad Entrepreneur in Residence, said: “Beta100 has been a fantastic start-up to work with. With two experienced, dynamic and focused founders and a business proposition that fits so well into the current entrepreneurial climate it had all the ingredients for success. Camilla and May have taken the opportunity and launched a platform that I expect to see grow and flourish. It will deliver real value for the users, partners and investors.”

May added: “We’ve built this thinking about ourselves, children, friends and colleagues who will go through that shift on how they perceive their professional lives; showing how a multifaceted portfolio of careers could be a viable option. People can invest time, skills and experience in projects and be fairly rewarded for it. It’s an exciting time for change.”

Sign up to start exploring the platform and help May and Camilla shape the future of work.

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