Launchpad Futures: Falmouth University's project to drive business growth in Cornwall starts new chapter

15 January 2024

Launchpad Futures
Launchpad Futures
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Falmouth University's venture studio and incubator, Launchpad, is evolving and starting an exciting new chapter with the launch of 'Launchpad Futures'. The innovative programme made possible by £1.57m of funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, aims to bolster business growth in Cornwall and enhance the region's economic impact. 

The team behind Launchpad Futures will support established businesses in Cornwall, helping them access Falmouth’s research and development capacity, including hosting knowledge exchange masterclasses, networking and events from its creative space in Penryn. This access to expertise and state-of-the-art facilities will enable them to accelerate their growth through the co-creation of new products, services, and processes, ultimately improving their efficiency, resilience, and overall success.

Professor Emma Hunt, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Falmouth University, said: "As Cornwall’s university, Falmouth is committed to supporting the growth of the local economy. I welcome this new era for Launchpad, that, thanks to funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, will mean we can share our knowledge and resources and provide new capacity and capabilities to support businesses in Cornwall to expand, diversify or create something new, generating increased job opportunities and improved productivity.

“Launchpad Futures will not only provide a platform for regional businesses to collaborate and innovate but also offer a unique opportunity for Falmouth University's creative and collaborative community to engage in Knowledge Exchange that delivers positive economic, environmental, and societal impact for Cornwall.”

Cllr Louis Gardner, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for economy said: “By enabling support from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund for Launchpad Futures, we are underlining the Council’s commitment to empowering growth and innovation as we work together to support businesses on their journey to success. Research, development and innovation are key drivers in helping businesses unlock potential for growth, generate good job opportunities and maximise their contribution to our growing Cornwall economy.”

Throughout the next year, Launchpad Futures will also host a series of events in Falmouth University’s Launchpad Building where businesses can connect with the University and a wider network of businesses and organisations. These gatherings will foster knowledge exchange and facilitate the transfer of expertise between academics, technicians, professional services colleagues, and local industry.

The £1.57m SPF funding secured for Launchpad Futures not only ensures the University's ability to future-proof its support for business growth in Cornwall but also opens doors for collaboration with the University's established portfolio of companies from earlier Launchpad investments.

For more information about Launchpad Futures and how it can benefit your business, please visit

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