Start-up secures second round of Launchpad funding

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by KEVRI CEO Natalie Campion 

At KEVRI, we know that every start-up needs three vital inputs.

The first is time. Together we work all day, and often all night, to get our business off the ground.

The second is knowledge. As a team, we bring together a diverse set of knowledge and expertise from the higher education and design industry, providing our start-up with skill and direction.

The third is funding. In which we've had the support of our accelerator Falmouth Launchpad by securing a second round of significant funding. With this round, we will further develop our software, strengthen our digital presence and hire a marketing role to share our vision with others (keep your eyes out for our job advertisement!).

KEVRI is a Knowledge Exchange spin-out which supports universities and their staff to demystify and capture their knowledge exchange activities more efficiently. We also recognise the value of time, money and knowledge for universities to create social and economic impact.

Without the cash injection from Launchpad, KEVRI would still be an idea.

However, with their support, we are a Knowledge Exchange spin-out that is currently beta-testing with a range of universities to ensure that we create a product that meets the needs of our users. 

And by being recognised as a Launchpad start-up, we've been able to push our digital profile to the forefront of a competitive EdTech sector and work alongside an innovative network of investment and business professionals who stand by our vision.

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