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Launchpad associates came out top this weekend (11-13 March) at a Techstars start-up event in Plymouth on the theme of Culture and Tourism. 

MSc Entrepreneurship student Chloe Lingard and Launchpad Community Curator Kerri Popperwell took part in the event, where participants join teams to bring ideas to life in just 54 hours.

Chloe said: “Kerri and I had no idea each other were planning to attend the weekend and it was purely by chance that we ended up working together.

"I had an amazing weekend; it was great to work on a new idea and network with so many knowledgeable and talented people.”

Part of the globally renowned Techstars Startup Weekend movement, the events are designed to support and encourage budding entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and anyone with new business ideas. Over an action-packed three days, participants meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors and maybe even start a business.

Techstars Plymouth Organiser and Knowledge Exchange Specialist at University of Plymouth, Emily Barrett, explained: “These events are all about creating a space for new ideas to emerge and develop in Plymouth and beyond. It was fantastic to hear the different ideas presented this weekend and to see participants joining us from across the southwest to network, collaborate and grow new ideas together.”

Over the weekend Chloe and Kerri worked on an idea to help women feel safer on the streets. Kerri said: “We’re hosting a Techstars weekend in May at Launchpad, and I attended the event to get some ideas for the format and content for ours. Little did I realise that in the spur of the moment I’d pitch an idea which would get chosen to develop!

“It was a great experience and I made so many connections. I’m glad I fully immersed myself, and it was really motivating to work on a subject that seems to resonate with so many people.”

So, the question is will they continue with the project… Chloe added: “I’ve already got two start-ups that I’m working on, but we’re both really passionate about this subject so watch this space!”

Techstars Startup Weekend Penryn takes place 20-22 May. Visit the webpage to book your ticket.

Techstars Start-up Weekend Plymouth was led by the University of Plymouth as part of iMayflower.

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