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26 August 2022

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Following the huge success of our Techstars Startup Weekend in May, we’re thrilled to be hosting another this September.

Over an action-packed weekend from 16 to 18 September, participants will have the opportunity to pitch an idea, build a team to work on that idea, meet mentors, network, present to a panel of judges on the final night and maybe even start a business!

The last event saw 25 ideas pitched covering everything from tackling the housing crisis and fishing to ethical AI and sustainable packaging solutions. One team – The Good Robot Company – have even incorporated the business!

Head of Launchpad Steve Cox explained why people should get involved: “Techstars is a great enabler, it will tell you a lot about your attitude and resilience, will help you validate your market if you pitch an idea, and you’ll even learn if this environment is right for you.

“These don’t need to be big thought-out ideas, if you see a problem locally then come and pitch it and be part of a team trying to find a solution. The intensity and energy of the weekend means you’ll constantly be testing and pivoting your idea, and I guarantee you’ll gain lots of new skills."

Techstars Startup Weekend Penryn takes place from 16-18 September in the Launchpad studio, visit the event webpage to book your ticket, which includes food and drink for the whole weekend!  

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