For All Audience Members

At the AMATA Arts Centre, we are passionate about proving an inclusive and welcoming space for all members of our community. We are open to everyone, but for this to be achieved, we need your support to make this a success. We have put together a short guide of things everyone can do to ensure all our audience members have a fantastic time in the venue.

First and foremost

We ask for your kindness and tolerance for all our audience members, as well as our team members.

We want everyone to have a great time when they visit us. Having happy audiences and a happy team, ensures we can create great experiences for everyone who comes into the AMATA Arts Centre. We are a small team, and this does allow us to have a personal touch, however, there are often a lot of people in the building who we need to support in different ways. We ask for your patience whilst we resolve a specific audience member requirement or the occasional issue. This helps us ensure you, and all our community, have a great experience with us.

We appreciate that everyone has a different experience when attending a performance. At the AMATA Arts Centre, we actively promote different performances and in different artforms, which can often confuse audience members about whether to be silent or engage in a performance. We ask that, generally, when the house lights are dimmed that you respect other audience members in the auditorium. At this time, we ask audience members to keep noise to a minimum and remain in your seat, unless you are invited to participate by the performers on stage.

At the AMATA Arts Centre, we also promote standing music gigs, and this allows members of the audience to dance and get into the groove with the bands on our stages. We still ask for your respect for all performers on our stages and our venue. Please ensure you behave in a way you would like to be treated if you were performing. The AMATA Arts Centre operates a zero-tolerance policy to anti-social behaviour, and any incidents will be reported to Campus Security or the Police, if necessary. We want everyone to have a great time, so please respect any information given by our Front of House team during the performance. Many of our Front of House team are current students, so we ask you to respect them as you would with any member of staff. On the rare occasion you have a complaint, please ask to speak to the Duty Manager.

We respectfully ask that all phones are turned off or onto airplane mode when you enter our auditoriums. At the end of the day, who wants to watch a live performance through a phone screen? Taking photos and videos is distracting for the performers and other audience members. Our Front of House team will actively ask audience members to put their phones away when this is becoming a distraction to the stage performers and audiences.

From time to time, some of the performances we put on may require the use of a mobile phone device to interact with the show. In this instance, guidance will be provided by our Front of House team or the stage performers. During these performances, you are permitted to use your phone, however, please remain respectful to the intended use, as this is for the benefit of your experience as well as the performance and not for ordering your next take away on Deliveroo!

Our team are here, first and foremost, to give you the best experience, and from time to time we know you may need additional assistance. We can provide reasonable additional access requirements, on the night and in advance. In advance of your visit, please email so our team can ensure we have all the information to provide a great experience when you arrive.

The AMATA Arts Centre, based within the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts on Falmouth University’s Penryn Campus and is a fully accessible venue. We offer step free access into all our auditoriums and public areas. We have accessible parking directly outside of the Box Office entrance and offer complimentary tickets for companions and carers. Trained assistance dogs are also more than welcome to the AMATA Arts Centre.

Our Front of House team are always on hand to help, so please make yourself known to a member of staff on the day of the event if you are feeling unwell or have any questions. All the team are trained to know what to do in an emergency, and we have been asked all manner of questions before, so nothing will be a surprise!

The AMATA Arts Centre is a licenced premises, so unfortunately, this means you cannot bring in drinks purchase offsite. At all our events, we offer a bar serving a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and light snacks. So, please don’t bring any alcohol or glass bottles with you from outside of the venue (this also includes items purchased from the Penryn Campus Shop). We also operate bag searches from time to time.

Our Front of House team are here to make sure you have a fantastic time, but if we think you’ve had one too many drinks, you will be refused admission or asked to leave the premises, which is also a condition of our licence.

We don’t permit food in our auditoriums, so please ensure you’ve finished your snacks or hot food before getting your tickets scanned and taking your seats! You can always grab some extra snacks during an interval. Eating during a show can be very distracting, and food can be smelly and not pleasant for those around you. Just think, would you want to slip on that banana skin or crisp packet if you needed to exit the auditorium in an emergency!

The AMATA Arts Centre operates a smoke and vape-free zone, please put it out before you enter the venue. It activates our fire alarm, so we don’t want to have to cancel the show because of it!

There’s no cloakroom at the AMATA Arts Centre, so please only bring what you need and leave everything else at home.

We always recommend you get here early and allow plenty of time to walk to the AMATA Arts Centre from the various campus car parks. We know it can be a bit of an expedition at times, so we always want you to arrive in good time. That way, you can then relax with a cold drink before the performance starts.

If you arrive after the performance has started, we cannot guarantee admission. In line with our terms and conditions, we will seat audience members at the interval or suitable break. It is worth noting, that as a studio theatre venue, we often programme work without an interval, so please arrive early to enjoy a drink before the show starts to ensure you don’t miss out!

All under 16’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all our performances and events. We operate a Challenge 25 policy across the Penryn Campus, so please don’t be offended if you are asked to provide ID when purchasing an alcoholic or age restricted product across our site.

The AMATA Arts Centre has a range of gender and all-gender toilets through the building. If you have any questions about our facilities, please speak to a member of the Front of House team during your visit.