Television graduate

Course Television & Film Production BA(Hons)
Interests Film & TV Reading Art
I come from Jelgava, Latvia
Anete Birzmale wearing a red and white jumper
Anete Birzmale
I am an enthusiastic Television student! I really love what my course has to offer and I absolutely use it to the max. I enjoy making and producing short films and have even made a life-like TV show, even though it's a mock one for now. My main focus as of this year has been Sound Recording, sure it's not the path most people take, but that's the fun of it! There's incredible support in whatever field you wish to pursue, be it sound like me or cinematography or directing. Feel free to ask me questions about any field though, as I have tried pretty much everything else before settling down, so hopefully, I'll be able to answer everything. As I am from a different country, this whole university experience has been so new and so interesting for me, and pretty much completely unlike anything I could do back home.