This Research & Knowledge Exchange Doctoral Project brief summarises our priority areas of research interest under the heading of: Destination Branding for Cornwall: Crafting a Multifaceted Tourist Identity Through Brand Associations.

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Project brief details

This doctoral research project aims to comprehensively investigate and shape the destination branding strategy for Cornwall as a multifaceted tourist destination. The study will adopt a staged research design to gain insights into brand associations, engage various stakeholders, and determine critical aspects of the Cornwall brand. 

Key Research Questions: 

1. What are the current brand associations for Cornwall as a tourist destination? (Archival Research) 

  • Analyse existing literature, online content, and historical data to identify prevalent brand associations. 
  • How can these brand associations be visualised and analysed effectively? (Word Clouds and Word Tree Maps) 
  • Utilise data visualisation tools to create word clouds and word tree maps that represent the semantic connections within the Cornwall brand. 

2. What are the perceptions and expectations of key stakeholders, including hoteliers, destination marketing organisations, Visit Cornwall, experts, and academics regarding Cornwall's brand? (Qualitative Primary Research) 

  • Conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups to gather qualitative insights from diverse stakeholders. 
  • Based on the qualitative findings, which aspects of the Cornwall brand should be prioritised for further development and promotion? (Qualitative Analysis) 
  • Thematic analysis of qualitative data to identify key themes and brand attributes. 

3. How can the identified brand aspects be rigorously tested and prioritised quantitatively amongst potential visitors? (Quantitative Research) 

  • Implement Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE) or alternative quantitative research methodologies to assess visitor preferences and prioritise brand attributes. 

Methodology Suggestions

  • Archival Research: Review existing literature, historical documents, and online content to establish a baseline of current brand associations. 
  • Word Clouds and Word Tree Maps: Use data visualisation tools to create visual representations of brand associations, facilitating a deeper understanding of the brand's semantic connections. 
  • Qualitative Primary Research: Conduct interviews and focus groups with stakeholders to explore their perceptions, values, and expectations related to the Cornwall brand. 
  • Qualitative Analysis: Employ thematic analysis to identify recurring themes and insights from qualitative data. 
  • Quantitative Research: Implement Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE) to quantify visitor preferences and prioritise brand attributes quantitatively. 

This multifaceted approach will provide a holistic understanding of Cornwall's destination brand, combining qualitative depth with quantitative rigour, and ultimately guide the development of a compelling and effective destination branding strategy for Cornwall. 

Strategic alignment

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Department Cornwall Business school

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Project brief lead

Dr Pedro Longart profile picture
Dr Pedro Longart profile picture

Project Supervisor: Dr Pedro Longart

Dr Pedro Longart is an academic, consultant and management professional with a PhD in consumer behaviour from Coventry University . His management qualifications, apart from extensive experience in the hospitality, retail, technical sales and wholesale business include an AMBA accredited MBA from Kingston University  and a BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management from University of West London (UK). 

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