Part Three – Excel - Using formulae and more

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Tuition fees per individual £85*
Delivered online


21 Mar, 5pm - 8pm 

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*If you're a student or staff different fees apply. Please visit our dedicated student and staff areas for specific information.

Who's the course for?

In this third and final course in the series of three you will build on what you have previously learnt during the previous two courses: ‘Learning to navigate the Excel world part one’ and ‘Getting the most out of Excel part two’. This is a one part course. You will become familiar with using the functions/formulas in Excel, learning to master them, enabling you to calculate effectively and efficiently. This course follows the Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel Certification (MOS) curriculum, if you would like to attain this certification, you can purchase a discounted exam package from Digital Skills after attending and passing all three Excel courses.  

What you will learn  

  • Generate numeric data  
  • Insert relative, absolute, and mixed references  
  • Use structured references in formulas  
  • Count cells  
  • Perform conditional operations  
  • Sort data  
  • Get unique values  
  • Format text  
Matthew Abbot headshot
Matthew Abbot

Matthew Abbott - Course Lead

Matthew is a digital skills trainer at Falmouth, specialising in Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Premiere Pro. He delivers a range of Adobe and Microsoft Courses including Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) courses. He holds a degree in sustainable product design and a PCET teaching certificate and have taught as a Senior Technician at Falmouth University for over 20 years.