Excel Level 1 - Fundamentals: learning to navigate the Excel world

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Tuition fees per individual £150*
Delivered online


Two parts: 12 Jun and 13 Jun 9am - 12pm 

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*If you're a student or staff different fees apply. Please visit our dedicated student and staff areas for specific information.

Who's the course for?

This two-part course, will teach you the absolute basics of Excel to get you started. This course is the first in a series of three courses and can also be attended as a standalone course. In Session 1, you will learn the absolute basics of Excel to get you quickly started with this powerful piece of software. Session 2 will then build on the basic skills learnt in session 1 and add more basic ‘must have’ skills. 

After completing all three courses in this Excel series you will receive an overall digital badge showing your mastery of the software and have the opportunity to take the MOS Excel exam.

What you'll learn

Session 1  

  • Interface tour 
  • Edit the interface - quick access toolbar 
  • Page setup - formatting a document 
  • Customise headers and footers 
  • Navigating to specific cells & Inputting data 
  • Using basic formulas - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division 
  • Add and edit and remove hyperlinks 
  • Accessibility 
  • Searching for data 
  • Adjusting cell width and height 
  • Freeze columns and rows 

Session 2  

  • Worksheets - creation, deletion, colouring, locking etc… 
  • Setting a print area 
  • Configure print settings 
  • Workbook properties 
  • Inspect workbooks and correct issues 
  • Save and export workbooks 
  • Create and manage comments and notes 
  • Paste data by using the special paste options 
  • Fill cells by using Auto Fill 
  • Modify cell alignment, orientation, and indentation & Format cells by using the Format Painter & Wrap text within cells 
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Matthew Abbot

Matthew Abbott - Course Lead

Matthew is a digital skills trainer at Falmouth, specialising in Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Premiere Pro. He delivers a range of Adobe and Microsoft Courses including Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) courses. He holds a degree in sustainable product design and a PCET teaching certificate and have taught as a Senior Technician at Falmouth University for over 20 years.